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National Refrigeration

Home cooling solutions that save you money.

Rhode Island in the summer can be a hot and humid place to live without air conditioning and humidity control. We can transform any home into an energy-efficient sanctuary with a near-perfect climate.

Our factory-trained technicians determine the best strategies for cooling your home, assess your current air conditioning system, and help you make informed decisions about repairs, upgrades, and replacement, including Indoor Air Quality solutions.

National Refrigeration offers the lowest prices on top-rated cooling equipment and parts through exclusive deals with leading HVAC brands. We stand by our equipment and service by offering scheduled maintenance on cooling systems so they deliver the highest performance for the lowest energy use. Learn more about our preventative maintenance program.

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National Refrigeration in  Warwick, RI provides cooling system service and installation.

Emergency Service

When your central air conditioning, mini-split, or heat pump breaks during a heat wave, your family and property are at risk. Our team of service technicians is ready to respond 24 hours a day to ensure you have humidity control and air conditioning when you need it.

Central Air Conditioning.

Central cooling systems provide climate control comfort throughout your house: all summer long. In addition to raising your property value by as much as 10%, energy-efficient air conditioners can reduce energy costs by as much as 50% when used with other energy-saving strategies.

Ductless Mini-split Systems.

A mini-split system is easy to install, requires no ductwork, and provides air conditioning and humidity control. Many models heat in the winter, too! Perfect for condos, sunrooms, finished basements, accessory units and other special places. Room-by-room heating enables you to only use the energy for the heat you need.

Heat pumps.

Despite the name, heat pumps cool, as well! Extremely energy efficient, innovative models can cool and heat homes in cold-weather climates year-round. Clean, easy installation and quiet operation makes heat pumps a popular choice.


A geothermal system uses ambient ground temperatures to heat and cool your home. These systems, combined with energy-efficient heat pumps, can save up to 50% on cooling costs. Eco-minded homeowners like these systems because they burn no fossil fuels! Learn more.

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National Refrigeration ACAA accredited, NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified, a Carrier Factory Authorized dealer, and a member of The Indoor Environment and Energy Efficiency Assocation.