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Can a ductless system heat my home?

Ductless system for heat

While ductless systems are gaining popularity, there is still a need for greater clarity regarding their heating capabilities. The confusion may arise from the fact that some ductless mini-splits are exclusively designed for air conditioning and are interchangeably labeled as “ductless AC’ and “ductless mini-splits.” In reality, one of the most advantageous features of installing a ductless system is its ability to serve as both a heating and cooling system, in addition to functioning as an air purifier. You may also come across ductless heat pumps. These are a bit of a misnomer because they offer both heating AND cooling features.

If you are aware that ductless systems can fulfill multiple climate control roles, you may still need to determine their suitability for your home. Given the various options and factors to consider, we understand why you might have difficulty assessing this on your own. By the end of this blog, you will have a clearer understanding of ductless systems and whether they are a viable option for your heating and cooling needs. It is important to have a trained HVAC professional assess your home or space to determine the best heating and cooling solutions. 

National Refrigeration helps homeowners understand the benefits of ductless systems.

Understanding Ductless Heating Systems

These systems have two main components: an outdoor compressor unit and one or more indoor air-handling units. Unlike conventional furnaces or boilers that rely on a network of ductwork to distribute heated air, ductless systems pump air through indoor units that hang on the wall or in a ceiling. The indoor units use evaporator coils cooled with refrigerant to regulate the temperature and a pipe system then transfers air to the outdoor condenser unit. This process converts hot air into cool air during the warmer, humid months, and cool air into hot air during the fall and winter months.

Common Ductless System Questions

Common questions homeowners have about ductless mini-splits .

Will my home be warm enough?

  • As long as you choose the right system, ductless HVAC should work just as well as any other type of system in cold weather conditions. If you live in an area where temperatures get lower than -15°F, you may need to consider an additional form of heating.

Will my energy bills go up?

  • Ductless systems are known for their high energy efficiency. If you install a ductless system that is fitted to your home correctly, your energy bills will likely go down. Ductless systems don’t suffer from the energy losses often associated with ductwork, making them a money-saving and environmentally friendly option.

How many rooms do they heat?

  • Ductless systems heat “zones.” Sometimes, a zone is a large room and other times, it’s multiple, such as neighboring smaller rooms like a bathroom and laundry room. Each zone in a home or commercial space has individualized temperature control, unlike traditional HVAC systems. Usually, a ductless system can heat six or so zones depending on the strength of the outdoor unit and room size.

Do they filter the air as well as traditional systems?

  • Yes, and perhaps even better! Since ductless systems don’t rely on ductwork to distribute air, they can help reduce the circulation of dust, allergens, and other contaminants. 

What will the installation process be like?

  • Installation is fast and minimally invasive. The installation of the indoor and outdoor units can sometimes be done in just a day. Ductless systems require only a small hole to connect the indoor and outdoor units.

Please remember:

Before opting for a ductless system, it’s essential to have a professional assessment of your home’s heating and cooling needs. Factors such as insulation, square footage, and home age should all be considered to ensure that a ductless system is the appropriate choice for your specific situation.

If you’re looking for expert advice about your HVAC options in New England, contact the National Refrigeration team, and we’ll find the right solution for you.

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