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8 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your HVAC System

Time to replace your hvac system

While having to replace your HVAC system can be a significant investment, it is generally not a complete surprise. As a homeowner, you have a lot to think about when it comes to maintaining your home and recognizing the signs that your heating or cooling unit’s lifespan is coming to an end is an important one. We have compiled some warning signs for you that it may be time to replace your HVAC system so you can be ready and avoid .

High Utility Bills

Unfortunately, the first sign is usually in your wallet. The goal for most homeowners is to lower their energy bill, but an exponential increase in energy consumption is one of the telltale hints that an HVAC system needs replacing. Older systems are less efficient and lose efficiency as they age, which in turn causes your energy bills to go up.

Frequent Repairs

If your system breaks down frequently, it often means it is reaching the end of its lifespan. A general rule of thumb, regardless of the age of your furnace, if the repair is going to exceed 50 percent of the cost of a new furnace, you should replace it. 

Increased Running Time

When an HVAC system gets older, it has to work harder to provide the same climate control results. In order to accomplish this, your system will run more frequently. Most systems work on a cycle where they turn on and off to adjust to the air temperature. If your system is running constantly, it is time to get a professional to look it over.

Uneven Temperatures

If you notice that you have hot or cold spots in your home, this could signify that you need to replace your system. However, if your system is fairly new, this could be another issue, such as poor thermostat placement.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

While indoor air quality levels are not always obvious, if you notice cold symptoms that don’t go away, dust build-up, hypersensitivity and allergies, coughing and sneezing and unpleasant odors, you could have poor indoor airy quality.

Excess dust can be a sign of poor indoor air quality.

Loud Noises or Strange Odors

While every noise and smell might not be cause for concern, if banging noises or unusual smells are common for your HVAC system, it is time to call a professional.

End of Lifespan

If you think your system is getting old, it might be time to pull out the paperwork from when it was installed. While some systems can last up to 25 years, others usually only last 10-15 years. If your system is around that age, it’s time to start thinking about (and saving for) a new system.

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