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Get The Most Out Of Your Mini-Split System This Fall

By National Refrigeration September 19, 2018

Autumn in New England is a time of changing leaves, shorter days, and famously unpredictable weather. It’s a season when your mini-split climate control system gives you a lot to be thankful for.

It’s easy to think of the mini-split as primarily an air conditioner, and it does do a great job at that. But, make sure you have a factory-trained HVAC technician ensure your unit is ready for fall. The same technology that makes it so good at cooling things down also doubles as a customizable heating solution that’s perfect for the erratic temperatures and moody weather of fall.

So, don’t turn on your furnace just yet! Here are some of the benefits of using your mini-split well into pumpkin-spice-latte season.


The bottom line for many consumers comes down to two questions:

• How much will it cost to run this system?
• Is there a less-expensive way?

The mini-split is efficient by design, both in startup and operational costs. The system consists of an exterior compressor and individual air handling units, and the two parts are connected with discrete tubing and wires. It’s a tight system. Contrast this with some traditional systems that may lose up to 30% of their energy from heat loss in the ducts running through the home.

When all or part of a mini-split system is switched off, it is completely off and draws zero power. Many furnaces, on the other hand, never turn off entirely once they are on and instead only power down. That’s a bit like leaving your car idling in the driveway when you’re not driving instead of turning off the ignition. Over time, that does a number on your gas costs.

The ability to customize the mini-split to your exact needs is critical in the fall when temperatures swing dramatically throughout the day and night in different parts of your house. Ductless splits enable you to heat only the cold rooms, which adds up to a lot of savings.

National Refrigeration is Rhode Island’s Factory-Authorized Carrier Dealer. We install top-rated ductless mini-splits with friendly service. National Refrigeration is Rhode Island’s choice for HVAC service and installation. Our family-owned HVAC business gives you Comfort Club priority.

Temperature Control

Trying to control the temperature throughout the entire house on a cool fall evening can be challenging, and you’re not going to please everyone in your family. As nights get colder, you may need to heat up one bedroom but feel it’s wasteful to heat the entire house. Halloween to Thanksgiving is also the time of year when one room can be freezing while a room down the hall feels like a steam room. Setting the whole house or an entire floor to one temperature is not a solution—it only causes more problems.

The mini-split lets you control the heat in your house on a room-by-room basis, and this empowers you to create a comfortable temperature wherever you are. Timers and remotes make the system even more efficient and convenient by allowing you to take the time of day into account and to control your units without ever getting out of bed or off the couch.

National Refrigeration has the cost-effective HVAC solution to your climate-control needs. Our factory-trained technicians are NATE certified and provide helpful customer service.

Adaptable Installation

One of the most dramatic differences between a mini-split and a central system is installation. Central heating requires air ducts to run throughout the walls and ceiling of a building and return to the central unit, which typically takes up space in the basement. To retrofit or add on to these types of systems requires costly renovation in addition to new equipment and ductwork.

A ductless mini-split system has no ducts (as the name says). The only structural change required to install a mini-split is a three-inch hole in the wall for the system’s pipes and tubing.

The versatility of the installation process makes a ductless system ideal for additions, three-season rooms, detached garages and workspaces, and finished basements. You gain the luxury of climate-controlled comfort in these spaces without the inconvenience and ineffectiveness of portable space heaters and window AC units.

For homeowners who rent a room, the individual temperature control of ductless mini-splits offers tenants direct control of their own level of comfort. The best ductless mini-splits also serve as dehumidifiers and air filters so the air quality in the room can be enhanced by preventing mold and a variety of air-borne pollutants.

The adaptability of a ductless system makes it a natural choice for offices, commercial spaces, multifamily units, and anywhere you might need enhanced climate control without the disruption and cost of installing extensive ductwork.

National Refrigeration can improve the indoor air quality in your home or office. Reduce sick days and medical bills with state-of-the-art air filtration equipment.

When You Should Turn On The Furnace?

The advantages of using a mini-split system for heating remain true down to around 32 degrees (or freezing). Any colder, and it requires a lot more energy to heat a single room or a couple of rooms in a house full of cold air. At that point, you’re better off turning on your furnace and using central heating.

Don’t wait until it’s freezing to think about your heating equipment. Schedule a furnace tune-up and have peace of mind you’ll stay warm all winter.

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