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National Refrigeration provides tips for homeowners to improve the HVAC system in their homes.

HVAC Tips for Homeowners

By National Refrigeration August 20, 2020

We have frequently been asked, “How can I improve my HVAC system?” While there are many things you want to avoid doing yourself, there are easy DIY projects and steps you can take to make your home more energy efficient. This helps you save money, save energy and makes your HVAC system more effective and efficient. Here are things to do as a homeowner:

Change the Air Filter:

Changing your air filter will allow the air that passes through it to flow more smoothly which increases efficiency and ultimately will save you money. Changing your air filter is also paramount when considering your home’s air quality so for such a low price ($2-$10) it just makes sense!

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Seal Air Leaks:

You can save 10-20% on your energy bill by investing in a little weatherstripping and caulk. Check your home for air leaks in and around windows, doors, electrical outlets, and where cables lead outside. Don’t forget to pay special attention to your attic and basement!

Seal Ducts with Metallic Tape (not duct tape!)

This is a quick fix for small leaks that won’t degrade over time. You can also use a liquid or aerosol-based sealant, but it requires a little more skill and it can get messy. Areas to keep an eye on would be sections of your ducts where there are any kinks, bends, breaks, or disconnections.

Schedule a Tune-Up:

Scheduling a tune-up of your HVAC system is a small expense that will save you money by making sure your system is prepared for winter or summer’s extreme temperatures. It will also save you money as it is an essential way of avoiding costly repairs on your system.

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How about landscaping?

Shading your home and windows with trees will increase efficiency up to 10%. While you’re out in your yard you can also trim the plants and gutters around your air conditioning unit to increase airflow for lower energy costs.

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