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Furnace Tuneup.

By National Refrigeration August 24, 2018

There is still a little time in August, but fall is around the corner. While you enjoy the last moments of summer we still recommend planning ahead for fall. A furnace tuneup may not be on your radar, but it is an essential part of keeping you comfortable all fall and winter long. Now is a great time to schedule while we still have many appointment times available.

If you are uncertain about whether or not you need a furnace tuneup then we would like to provide you with some information that will make it clear the necessity of a tuneup. The following are twelve of the most swaying reasons for furnace maintenance:

1. A furnace tuneup will ensure that your system is running properly and, most importantly, safely.

2. We will also check for proper air flow which is important to your comfort and system efficiency.

3. A tuneup also costs far less than a repair.

4. Efficiency is improved which will save you money.

5. You could go to turn on your furnace come the first cold and there could be no heat.

6. You don’t want to ever experience the rotten eggs or unburnt gas smell that can happen when issues occur.

7. When there’s a banging noise it may be too late.

8. Carbon monoxide, a fatal gas, could start to leak.

9. Once your system breaks down the problem will only get worse.

10. Your thermostat could have issues that effect your comfort now, but we will fix them during a tuneup.

11. Your furnace will last longer.

12. Lastly, you will be able to keep your manufacturer warranty valid. Many warranties are only effective if the owner has proof of annual tuneups.

No heat? Call National at 401-737-2000 Tuning up your heating system is much cheaper than repairs. Ask National Refrigeration to tune-up your furnace or boiler.
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