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Find the best nearby heating and cooling contractors

By National Refrigeration May 24, 2019

There are plenty of articles about hiring the best local HVAC technicians to install, maintain, and repair your heating, cooling, and air quality equipment.

If this isn’t the first time you typed “how to hire the best HVAC contractor near me” into a search engine, then by now you have a basic technical vocabulary and understand a general overview of HVAC systems, including heat pumps, furnaces and boilers, ductless mini-splits, central air conditioning, and maybe some related plumbing and electrical.

There’s only one federal regulation for practicing heating and cooling.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all HVAC technicians carry a CFC Certification proving they have demonstrated a proficiency at properly handling refrigerants.

After the EPA certification, each state defines by its own terms what a qualified HVAC technician must do to legally operate.

Read on if you’re a homeowner or business owner who needs specific guidance on hiring the best heating & cooling repair and service teams in Rhode Island.

National Refrigeration offers affordable energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions for your home and business. The nearby HVAC repair you need is affordable without the cheap equipment.

How do I find pros in Rhode Island with HVAC training?

The HVAC industry has dozens of required and voluntary certifications based on state law and the environmental conditions where the heating & cooling equipment is used. For example, a skilled HVAC technician in Richmond, Texas needs to understand different types of equipment than a tech in Richmond, Rhode Island.

On-the-job training is crucial to the expertise and dependability of an individual technician. You’re hiring the entire heating and cooling company, not just a single tech.

Free quotes on air conditioners, mini-splits, furnaces, boilers, and heating & cooling systems. Get your free consultation to find the best heating, cooling, and air quality system for your home or business.

The anatomy of a 5-star HVAC company


Legitimate and dependable HVAC installers and service providers in Rhode Island showcase their qualifications, accolades, and professional associations on their websites. Why? Because it’s good marketing!

Some notable organizations to look for on HVAC company websites are the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), a non-profit association that develops nationwide standards for quality comfort systems, as well as provides educational opportunities and resources to professionals. The North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is the leading non-profit HVAC certification program in the country, and HVAC technician training that includes this certification guarantees a high quality of up-to-date education and experience.

Also look for factory-certifications because this ensures the HVAC technicians have the opportunity to learn about the equipment right from the manufacturer. Using companies with this "seal of approval" by the manufacturer is a simple way to safeguard your warranty.

HVAC contractors can also offer residential customers in Rhode Island rebates on HVAC equipment purchases from GasNetworks Gas Rebate Program, as well as zero-percent financing incentives from manufacturers.

HVAC training for our technicians includes manufacturer education on all equipment. Quality service is part of National Refrigeration’s HVAC technicians’ job description. National Refrigeration is Rhode Island’s Factory-Authorized Carrier Dealer. Why yelp when HVAC service near me means National Refrigeration?


Never agree to a free quote over the phone! An HVAC repair or installation company that intends to do quality work can’t stay in business by agreeing to do work site unseen!

An experienced HVAC installer or repair-person should schedule an appointment for a free estimate. This is the company’s opportunity to interact with customers face to face as well as evaluate home comfort needs.

Once the full scope and details of the project are known, the heating and cooling contractor should be able to give you a specific cost and timetable for completing the project. An estimate is always given in writing by HVAC service providers that stand by their work and stay in business.

 National Refrigeration has residential and commercial HVAC technicians ready to repair and install HVAC equipment. All our heating and cooling technicians get factory training and education on the equipment they service.

Customer Service

The job shouldn’t end with affordable installation or repair of an HVAC system. Ensuring the high performance and longevity of these major utilities in homes and businesses requires Rhode Island HVAC companies to hire trustworthy and skilled mechanical technicians to perform scheduled maintenance.

These skilled heating and cooling technicians want good salaries and promising careers, and they’re motivated to work for successful HVAC contractors who can provide stability through excellent repeat business.

HVAC companies offering subscription maintenance plans take ownership of the job they do and the equipment they sell. These types of programs are another safeguard to equipment warranties, and often customers are rewarded for their ongoing patronage with high-priority service and money-saving benefits.

Countless reviews for HVAC new construction installation in Rhode Island recommend National Refrigeration. 24-7 emergency service available.

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